The maintenance division’s purpose is to fulfill our mission statement by providing the highest quality service for residential or commercial properties in order to enhance and preserve the beautiful gardens that have been created.  With a passion for horticulture and strong customer relations, our experienced staff is trained to promptly respond to your needs and offer professional service to reassure you of our quality.   Our Divisional Managers routinely visit and conduct site inspections to ensure that your expectations are being met.

Our maintenance division is structured to accomplish any of your landscape maintenance needs, from the most intricate and luxurious landscape garden to just the bare essential services.  We understand how homeowners and property managers are constantly dealing with the challenges of improving quality while not increasing costs.  Allow our premier team of professionals to help maintain the long term health of your landscape within your budget.


Our Services Include:

  • General Tree and Shrub Care – Our Managers and crew supervisors are trained to understand the design and form of each plant within your landscape.  Each visit we inspect the property to ensure we are taking the appropriate actions to ensure the overall health and development of your plant material.
  • Specimen Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning (ie. . Japanese Maple and Boxwood Shaping) – For various reasons, some trees and shrubs within a landscape are more valuable to the property owner than others.  As a result, these specimen plants may demand a more specialized pruning method.  Our “Detail” crew supervisors are trained to prune any ornamental tree or shrub in order to create or maintain its proper form.
  • Mowing – A healthy lawn that has been properly mown can truly give your property the manicured appearance it deserves.  Our crew leaders are instructed to safely and effectively follow professional mowing procedures for both cool and warm season turf.
  • Mulching – All shrub beds, groundcover beds, perennial beds and trees in bed shall be re-mulched with a high quality material appropriate for setting. Prior to mulching all beds will be mechanically re-edged to create a defined bed edge.
  • Weed Control – Proper plant identification is critical before attempting to remove weeds from within desired plants.  Knowledge of the type weeds help us to control them more efficiently.  All shrub beds, groundcover beds, perennial beds and “in lawn” trees shall be weeded during the growing season to maintain a neat clean appearance.
  •  Leaf removal - Leaves shall be raked and removed from all lawn, tree, shrub, groundcover, flowerbed, and hard surface areas and mulched as the lawn is cut or taken away twice during the fall leaf season.