Natural Creations LLC was formed in 1998 by Matt Dawson and John Henderson. After graduating from the Ornamental Horticulture school at the University of Tennessee they decided to take their knowledge to middle Tennessee and start a full service landscape company. Upon receiving a large commercial maintenance contract, the company was able to acquire a few pieces of equipment to begin bidding on installation projects.

Soon the company was awarded a large residential installation project in the Belle Meade area of Nashville. Not only was the job completed on time, but the quality of work and materials was impeccable. Through word-of-mouth Natural Creations’ reputation grew and they began installing more and more residential projects throughout the area.

The landscape installations were beautiful but the clients were having difficulty finding a maintenance company to grow their landscapes into their dream garden. Natural Creations decided to fill that void and quickly hired Paul Ballenger from another landscape maintenance company. Paul not only brought experience from commercial maintenance but also a passion for providing quality service.

Natural Creations has continued to grow its client base and its services. The installation division has encompassed large crane work as well as grading and drainage consulting. The maintenance division has continued to surpass other companies in its knowledge of plant and turf requirements. The company as a whole focuses on educating its employees to provide the best of services and to create a healthy work environment. The goal of Natural Creations has been and will always be to create and maintain some of the most beautiful landscapes in the middle Tennessee area.